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"Lien De Pau is 35 and wakes up every morning without any alarm clock. When she opens her eyes the first thing which comes to her mind is: “What would I love to do today?”

Impossible? Unrealistic? A bit crazy? Think again! Because we can all leave our pre-defined path, even when we feel stuck in the rat race of work, family and other obligations. We can take the leap, look for what makes us tick and find out what we really love in life.

For Lien this leap meant a personal quest via 3 continents and more than 40 countries. It was a journey full of heartbreaking choices and amazing experiences. All of this leading towards the chance to finally grab the life she always dreamt of. For the first time she reveals the true story in this book. How she turned her life around, from slave to surfer. How she moved from a workaholic crying on the floor of her exclusive city apartment breathing for air, to the world nomad she is today.

This book is a guide for those who no longer want to live an invisible and boring life. Whether you are dreaming of leaving your pre-defined path just every once in a while or whether you totally want to reinvent yourself, Lien has done it all!
Cuddle up on the coach with this book and find your true self.”



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